Car Insurance Quotes: Don’t Let Your Lack Of Knowledge Pay You More!

In the past, if you would not have thought of buying car insurance, not a big deal because it was not a necessity in that period. Some people went for it and some absolutely ignored and nothing would have happened. However, today you must think about getting a car insurance quote even before you buy a car because it is the most decisive thing no matter you have a modest car or the luxurious one. The way of buying and getting car insurance quotes has also changed a lot.  In the past, you just need to meet a neighborhood agent and ask whatever is essential. Things are different nowadays and fortunately, there are a plethora of sources and options also available. You have both offline/online options from where you can get your coupe insured and the best part you also get some pretty new coverage options in your hand. 
But before everything else, it is important for you to understand why you need a car insurance quote anyway?


Why You Need A Car Insurance Quote?

Car insurance is important, but first, you will need is a car insurance quote though this is not the final rate that you get in your hands. By getting a quote you can need up getting pretty discounts and save handsomely. These quotes are as good as the information upon which the premiums are calculated.  Just make sure that the quotes are similar to the information used by the firms when they will be preparing your policy. Getting free online quotes will save you from a lot of hassle. Now, these quotes are just a click away so why not to take the advantage and enjoy some great discounts. No matter you are in the United Kingdom or any other country online companies is going to instantly provide you with the quotations. You can also use web portals to get a wide array of quotes from the same place. They also let you compare the quotes from different car insurance companies so that you end up getting the best as per your lifestyle and budget.

Price Comparison Gets You Cheap Insurance

Another reason why you need quotes is that the prices hugely vary from one company to another and here you must thank the portals and companies who are offering free quotes. The price comparison is not only the smartest but ideal way of picking best value when it comes to car insurance premiums. In America, everyone needs to have a car insurance. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive deal and no one in the world wants to pay more especially when you have a cheaper option.  Car insurance is required by the law if you are owning a car and driving on the road.

You Are Insecure On Road without an Insurance

Car insurance gets more expensive when you are adding any other member of the family to the existing insurance you are having.  In this way, free quotes will let you select from the wide range from different insurance agencies.  When your coupe is not secured it is insecure to travel on the road. No one knows when a mishap can occur and in that case, you will have to pay every single penny from your own pocket.  Apart from having all the essential safety in your vehicle, there is one more thing and that is auto insurance. 

Having safety gears in your car is not only good for just your safety, but it can also lower the price of the premiums.  It is important that you know how the car insurance procedure works because discounts can be obtained from a wide array of sources.

How Much Car Insurance UK Cost?

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average premium in the United Kingdom cost is £485 a year or £40.41/ month. You can easily get quotes from the top biggest car insurance companies in the United Kingdom like Aviva, where you will get amazing discounts up to 20% online. Each of the car insurance companies works out their average premium in totally different ways and this is why it is important for you to compare them. It is also possible that you have to pay less than the average amount of premium and the car insurance price are calculated using 3 core factors
  • Driving experience
  • The car you are driving
  • Your claims history

Factors in Details

1. Driving Experience & Age

The majority of the young drivers often struggle to get reasonable insurance quotes. Young drivers are likely to involve in more accidents as compared to the experienced drivers and this is why young people have to pay more and this is the fact that they have to face with all the car insurance companies not only in the UK but outside as well. Premiums are high for the people of age 18 and old because they are not having the experience to prove that they can handle the wheel safely. The fact is simple the more experiencing you are having in the driving field, the cheaper premiums you are going to get. People who are aged between 40- 70 with no claims get the cheapest quotes. After 70s prices also rise because of the reaction time that gets slower with age.
Younger people also get some options by which they can lower their insurance premiums. They can go through advanced courses when quotes are calculated, black box policies can also bring the price downs more.

What Is Black Box Insurance?

 When you get black box insurance it involves a small device which is fitted in the car of the drivers that tracks the driving and gives ratings on how accurately they are working with corner, brake, and accelerator. Then the score can be calculated and the drivers are rewarded with the discounts and their premiums also get lowered.   

2. Car You Drive

Insurers set premiums especially on the risk of driving. This is the first probability they will consider to make claims. On the other hand, the companies work out of this risk and utilize information insurers are going to provide them when you will get a car insurance quote from them. There are numerous factors that are used when the calculation is done but one key aspect is the CAR you DRIVE. The value of the car, security, age, model, make, size etc is all the factors that will be included in the claim. For example, if you are driving a sports car the risk is higher because these cars involve more in the accidents.
On the other hand, the sports car is highly expensive and the repairing of such strengthful coups will involve more expenses and this adds to the premium cost. The cheapest cars are the ‘GROUP 1' cars to be insured. The industry uses fifty groups of cars to set the levels of the price. The group one car includes small cars like Seat Mii, Corsa models. Then comes in group 2 which are the 2nd cheapest. It gets important that you check to which group your car belongs and check the models. Coups with powerful engines, rare and old cars are also likely to have high premiums and for that, you will need to council specialist cover. 

3. History of the Claims

Companies utilize data using the previous claims when your premiums need to be calculated. You can get NCB which is on the basis of the previous year’s accumulated in which they have not made any claims. Companies offer rebates related to the NCB of the customer which will vary from one car insurance firm to another. For instance, the Co-op Company provides a 70% discount for 5 years and more if you are going without claims. If drivers have made claims then the companies are automatically going to increase the premium. The reason is simple your chances become lesser if you have not made any subsequent claims. However, it is hard to say how much the insurance is going to go. As an add-on customer can also buy NCB for their car insurance. This is the protection that will allow a few numbers of' at fault' accidents and no bonus gets affected. This add-on will not protect you from the quote hikes after claims you make because the firms use preceding claims to calculate premiums before they even provide you with any discounts. Prices do increase but on certain factors. 
These are the three factors that are going to be considered by the car insurance companies when you will be getting a car insurance quote or premiums.  Well, getting quotes these days is quite a simple process and you are also going to get free quotes easily.

How To Get Free Car Insurance Quotes?

 It is likely that you are keen on finding the free car insurance quotes, but totally confused how and where to get them? There are hundreds of companies shoving to get into the business and offering free quotes on different models so that you can get an insurance in no time. Well, the good news is that you can get the instant quotes for free by following this simple method.
 You must start searching on the internet because once you find the right one your web will take you to another, then another and another. This is what the internet does by itself. There is a number of highly maintained and good looking sites with a friendly interface providing calculators for those who are looking for instant help. These are the calculators which are easy to use and work with set criteria. You just need to fill in the details of your cars and the calculator will bring forth instant quotes at your display in just a few minutes without charging you anything.
 Different sites have a different working principle like some immediately sends you an email with complete quotes for free after you are done with providing your data.
[Note: - the majority of the instant free car insurance quotes might not concur with the factual costs.  You must use this data as a reference and not the final price. ]

Insurance Agents at Help

The second thing you can do is to take the assistance of the car insurance agents who are going to steer your search in the right direction. There are many independent and professionally working agents in the UK and it is easy to find them. These are the experts who provide info based on the inspection of the customer's car and they can get you quotes easily without wasting any time. This will be more productive as compared to using calculators because you can discuss things in person with the agents. You can get different quotes from different companies if you contact different car insurance agents.

Top 10 UK Companies to Get Quotes & Compare

No doubt there are hundreds of companies from where you can get car insurance quotes, but you cannot just go with anyone you first come across. It is also not good to get just one quote.  A fully comprehensive policy is only going to assure you with peace of mind.  This is why there is the top 10 UK car insurance companies list from where you can get quotes and also compare to get the value for your money.

10. LLOYDS Bank (8.40 satisfaction score):- 

The annual premium you get is £100 which is a good option as compared to many others. 70% of the people agree to renew their car insurance with the company.

9. Geoffrey (8.42 satisfaction score):- 

The earlier name of the company is Chaucer Direct offers an average cost as compared to others on the list.

8. Quote me happy (8.55 satisfaction score):- 

The Company run by AVIVA and is a good choice to get your quotes and car insurance policy.

7. SAGA (8.44 Satisfaction score):- 

It is a popular option among UK readers. The company specializes in providing insurance for older cars and offering lower premiums at the cost of £100/year.

6. General accident (8.47 satisfaction score):- 

The firm was reintroduced in the year 2013 and is the best performer brand of AVIVA.  You can get low premium prices with the company.

5. RIAS (8.48 satisfaction score):- 

The firm is among the preferred choices among UK residents though the price wise it is slightly expensive.

4. Liverpool Victoria (8.65 satisfaction score):- 

The firm is the Honest John Trader Award and was praised for the value for money and customer service.

3. Nationwide (8.62 satisfaction Score):- 

Here you can get premiums for £ 140 and also covers low mileages.

2. John Lewis (8.79 satisfaction Score):- 

The company holds the second place and is not for those who are looking for cheap options. The average cost is £449.

1. NFU Mutual (9.21 satisfaction Score):-  

The company holds the best car insurer title of 2017 and topped the list with the satisfaction score of 9.21 out of 10 out of 50 UK insurance firms.

Tips to lower down car insurance quotes

Last, but not the least here are few tips that will help in lowering your auto insurance quotes for sure.

1. Shop around

As already mentioned above different companies offer different prices and this is why you must compare at least 3-5 quotes. We all need car insurance for peace of mind and to get financial back up so it is important that you shop around and pick a company that is reputed and stable.

2. Look for High Deductibles

Deductibles are the real things that customers pay before the insurance part comes in.  If you request high deductibles the cost is going to get lower.   The more the deductibles the down premiums are going to get. Just make sure that you have planned a budget so that you can pay for it.

3. Before Buying, Compare the Insurance

You have decided to buy a particular car, now do one thing compare the insurance cost of the model. The premiums are also based on the price of the car, its repair and overall safety and the theft likelihood.  There are insurance companies offering discounts on such features.

4. Maintain Good Credits

Even your good credit scores can get you discounts on your car insurance quotes.  Some firms use the credit history to prepare auto insurance policies.  According to the research people who have maintained their credit scores are likely to avail fewer claims.

5. Buy Other Coverage's From the Same Insurer 

It is likely that the companies you choose for different insurances will reduce some amount.  For longtime customers lowering down, premiums can be done. Still, you must shop around and quotes from other companies to avail more discounts.

6. Low Mileage Discounts

There are some UK companies offering rebates to the drivers who drive lower than the average miles /year.  This type of discounts is also available for those who choose carpool to work. 
There are several other discounts which customers can seek and it is likely that you get hands on them.  you just have to shop around and do a little homework to get desirable car insurance quotes. 

Car Insurance Quotes: Don’t Let Your Lack Of Knowledge Pay You More!

In the past, if you would not have thought of buying car insurance, not a big deal because it was not a necessity in that period. Some pe...